The ts3admin.class is a powerful api for communication with Teamspeak 3 Servers from your website! Your creativity knows no bounds!


Project start: 19. December 2009

Last modify: 30. August 2018   (Do not worry if this date is far behind. There is just nothing new in Teamspeak.)

Compatible to: Server 3.3.1 or newer

Author: Stefan 'par0noid' Zehnpfennig

From: Germany, Centeral Europe

About the author

My name is Stefan, Nickname: par0noid, from Germany.

I'm 27 years old and my hobbys are: programming things, going to the gym, badminton ...

I started programming on ts3admin.class after the release of Teamspeak 3 to build myself a TSViewer for my Server. There was no other option than to program itself, because there was no available class for this on the day of release of Teamspeak 3.

The interest of the other users increased fast after releasing my first version of ts3admin.class.

Today the class is very popular and common in a lot of plugins, webinterfaces and tools.